Fundraising Tips

Tip 1: Connect with Friends and Family

Send the following email at least 3 times to family and friends. Send an email as soon as you register, a few weeks later, and with 1 week left to fundraise. Let them know that YOU are dedicated to the event and cause, and that you will be giving back to the community for every $50 donated!

SUBJECT: I’m fundraising to help classmates who need help!

Dear friends and family,

I’m participating in a fundraiser to raise funds for SWISH to help local families in need. Over these past 11 years, SWISH has provided dinners, tutoring, gas cards, camp scholarships and more for these families. If there is a family in need, SWISH has been there to help. There are awesome incentive prizes I can win like Boston Bruins Tickets including a viewing of Dale Arnold’s pre-game show in the NESN suite, a signed game jersey by Wrentham’s own JAKE LAYMAN from the Portland Trailblazers, and an Olympic Gold Medalist & Dancing with the Stars Champion, Laurie Hernandez private meeting!

Donating is really easy. All you have to do is go to the website below and look for the “Donate Now!” box. Enter the amount of money you want to donate and pay with your credit card. The top fundraiser wins Patriots Tickets and a visit to the pre-game show broadcast booth and I would like to win that if possible!

Thank you so much for your donation! I really appreciate it!

Tip 2: Share Your Cause

Make sure to tell all of your donors that their donations are going towards your club!

Tip 3: Take Pride in Your Impact

While you are asking for donations, remember that you are giving people the opportunity to make a tangible impact in the lives of those less fortunate.

Tip 4: Give to Yourself

The best way to encourage others to give is to show that you’ve donated to your own efforts.

Tip 5: Make it Personal

Tell YOUR story about why you are fundraising. The more personal you make your requests, the more people will relate. Let others know what this experience means to you.

Tip 6: Ask, Ask, Ask!

You don’t get what you don’t ask for, so make sure you are asking! Donations don’t always come from where you expect them to, so cast a wide net and make each ask personal! Ask for specific amounts from people you know can give bigger gifts, and don’t be afraid to follow up with a call if your personal e-mails aren’t getting responses.

Tip 7: Show Your Gratitude

Say thank you early and often to your donors. Update them on your progress and show them the impact they are having. Email your group your fundraising page link often!

Tip 8: Get Social

You’ll be surprised at the support you’ll receive from a Facebook post, Tweet, Instagram, or sharing the event website ( Meet face-to-face with some of your potential donors. Nothing is more personal or effective than sitting down and having a conversation.

Tip 9: Follow Up

Most people are willing to give, even just a small amount, but need the reminder. Just because they didn’t initially respond doesn’t mean that they don’t want to support you. It’s okay to follow up! Send your fundraising link out several times!

Tip 10: Double Your Impact

Matching gifts are a great way to double, sometimes triple your impact! Make sure you and your donors check with your Human Resources departments to see if they’ll match. Questions? Email us at: